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Growing and planting cucumbers


July 25, 2022


Searle Admin

Cucumbers are easy to grow and love the warm soil spring and summer brings. Modern varieties of cucumber available in seedlings or seed are more reliable to fruit and their fast growing mannerism will give you an abundant harvest in no time. With these great attributes why not add a few rows to your garden this season.

How to plant cucumbers

There are many varieties varying in size and flavour to choose from but most have the same growing requirements. Plant in a well composted, loose soil enriched with compost. A sunny to partial shade position and room to spread will make them happy. To prepare soil in veggie patches use Searles Premium Compost Mix or alternatively if growing in pots, plant in Searles Herb & Vegetable Specialty Mix. Due to their spreading nature, they will require a large pot and a trellis to grow over.

Watering cucumbers
Supply plenty of water to the growing plant until fruit start forming and then reduce the watering to a moderate level to keep the roots moist. Mulching is important to keep cucumbers’ shallow roots from drying out and developing fruit from spoiling. As the plant spreads continue to mulch under new growth to protect their shallow roots from drying out and aid water retention.

Fertilising cucumbers
To promote flowering then fruiting, fertilise with an organic liquid fertiliser, such as, SeaMax Organic Fertiliser. This will happily supply them with the rich organic nutrients they need for better fruiting and to reduce the risk of disease outbreak.

Pests and diseases of cucumbers
Cucumbers are susceptible to mildew, especially in humid weather. Reduce the risk of outbreak with a fortnightly application of SeaMax Organic Fertiliser. Control severe outbreak with Searles Mancozeb Plus.

Harvesting cucumbers
Harvest cucumber when young while at their sweetest. Check with the label from your variety purchased as to the optimum size to harvest. Remember, the more you pick the more fruit will develop.