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Flowering Aloes


July 5, 2023


The Searles Gardening Team

Of course some of the most striking of all succulent species to flower during the depths of winter would have to be the hybrid flowering Aloes.

Many have made their way onto the market over recent years and are only now being appreciated for their amazing resilience and dramatic, architectural capabilities. Available in a variety of sizes and flower colours, there is a flowering aloe to suit any style and size of garden. Try growing them in a large pot for a striking feature on patios and in gardens.

Flowering Aloes are one of the best attractants for nectar feeding birds in the winter along with an essential source of pollen for our native stingless bee species.

Plant them in a full sun position with space to grow to show off their succulent leaves and flowers. They don't produce leaf litter or require pruning, shaping or dividing. Use a specific cacti & succulent mix, Searles Cacti & Succulent Mix, to provide good drainage and 12 month feeding for best plant health and flowering.

Aloes store water in their leaves and can tolerate periods of dry weather well. Though, with most plants they will perform better and produce better flowering with good watering during the hot, summer months and sufficient watering during winter to keep the soil from completely drying out. Leaves can discolour and curl up with insufficient watering, but will uncurl when watered.

Aloes don't require a lot of fertiliser. An application of Searles Recharge Ultimate Fertiliser - Pots & Gardens once a year will keep them well fertilised and the re-wetting granules included will aid the water to penetrate the soil.