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Control Tomato Blight


July 25, 2022


Searle Admin

What are Tomato blight (Phytophthora infestans) symptoms?

Tomato blight is a serious fungal infection and can be a debilitating disease that not only affects tomatoes, but also potatoes in their latter stage of development.

Being an aggressive phytophthora species, any plants affected by tomato blight will show signs of severe wilting and browning of all foliage and any fruit on the plants will begin to rot. In the case of potatoes, the disease will begin in the foliage and if not checked quickly, will spread to the underground tubers.

How to Control Tomato Blight

Tomato blight is difficult to control once it has taken hold of the plant. It usually begins in warm, humid weather and while the individual plants are showing signs of stress, the tomato blight will quickly take hold. If your area is prone to this fungal attack, preventative measures may be required in advance to planting or as soon as young plants are planted and every six weeks.

Spray affected tomato plants with Searles Mancozeb Plus at first sight.