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Control Psyllids - Treatment


August 1, 2022


Searles Gardening Team

What are psyllids symptoms?

Psyllids are a tiny (native) sap-sucking insect that are occasionally referred to as plant lice. They congregate in large numbers and can disfigure the new growth primarily on their chosen host plant of many lillypilly species. They are almost always found on the underside of the new foliage.

Recognising Psyllids activity

New foliage of some lillypilly species show signs of dimpling or bubbling  and give the impression of a more sinister problem. Older foliage is often left untroubled. Although psyllid attack can occur anytime between early spring and mid - Autumn, the main times for control are October through March. This coincides with the breeding cycle of the insect.

How to Control Psyllids

Reduce excessive mono-culture of host lillypilly species and replace with, more robust or psyllid resistance cultivars. Simple removal of affected foliage followed by applications of systemic sprays are the most effective. Prevention is always better than cure.

Control infestations of psyllids by spraying with Searles Conguard.