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Control Mullumbimby Couch - Treatment


August 2, 2022


Searles Gardening Team

What does Mullumbimby Couch look like and how to control it?

Mullumbimby couch is a member of the sedge family and can quickly colonise areas of the garden by setting seed and underground rhizomes.

Recognising Mullumbimby couch weed in lawns

Mullumbimby couch is easily recognised by long strappy, three-sided, grassy type foliage with tufts of flowering heads held high on the plant. It is often to be found in moist soil and damp places in thick colonies. It is easily spread by seed dispersal, the spread of creeping rhizomes and mowing of the seed heads

How to control Mullumbimby couch in lawns

Spraying of a selected herbicide, such as Searles Lawnweeder is desirable along with slashing and mowing of the pant while not producing seed heads. This can weaken the plants ability to colonise and starve the plants from natural sunlight by smothering with carpet or think layers of cardboard. As this plant grows very quickly and strongly near wet or water areas, great caution must always be taken to avoid using chemical sprays near any watercourse.

Note: Searles Lawnweeder is not suitable for controlling Mullumbimby couch in buffalo, paspalum, saltene or ryegrass lawns.

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