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Control Mealy Bug - Treatment


August 1, 2022


Searles Gardening Team

How to control Mealy Bug

These small, fuzzy, white insects distort new growth by sucking on the plant's sap and the females excretions cover leaves with a sticky honey-like substance that attracts ants which in turn provides the right conditions for sooty mould. Severe infestations can cause leaf drop.

Watch out for these insects on citrus, roses, succulents, indoor and outdoor ornamentals with the onset of warm weather. The female mealybug lays her eggs, every 10 days, in a sticky white substance around the stem of the plant. Hence, repeat spraying may be necessary to control future outbreaks.

For 3–4 week residual control on shrubs and ornamentals, use Searles Conguard.  

For a natural and organic spray alternative for vegetables & fruit trees, as well as pot plants and ornamentals, use Searles Ecofend Vegetable & Garden Insect & Mite spray.