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Control Dollar Spot in lawns


August 1, 2022


Searles Gardening Team

What are Dollar Spot symptoms? (Sclerotinia homoeocarpa)

Dollar spot is a fungal pathogen that affects most fine leaf lawn species during the beginning of the growing season.

What does Dollar Spot look like?

It appears as dried brown patches within close proximity to one another and although unsightly, will not kill the lawn’s root systems yet can cause weak areas of growth that if left unattended will quickly allow weeds to become established. The subterranean mycelium from which the fungi grow, can also render the surrounding soil partially hydrophobic making it difficult to maintain even moisture levels.

How to control Dollar Spot

Increasing airflow to the base of the lawn will reduce the effects of dollar spot. Aerating soil with a garden fork and removal of the thatch with a strong rake is highly recommended to allow better air flow at soil level.  Sweeping the lawn each morning (in affected areas only) to remove excessive dew or using a blower will lessen the problem. Avoid watering lawns in the latter part of the day where they remain moist overnight.

Control Dollar Spot in lawns by spraying with Mancozeb Plus at first sight.