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Control Blackberry - Treatment


August 2, 2022


Searles Gardening Team

What does Blackberry look like? (Rubus fruticosus species aggregate)

Blackberry are a national weed of significance across most coastal regions of Australia where it has the ability of establishing along creeks, river systems and native bushland. It is a sprawling perennial covered in thorns and although the fruit is highly edible and tasty, it is not a recommended plant for garden cultivation.

Recognising Blackberry weed

Blackberries are a fast growing, sprawling, arching plant with very thorny stems and have been declared since the late nineties across most states of Australia. In very cold districts it is fully deciduous, while in warmer locations, it can remain evergreen. Flowers are small and borne in tight clusters of white flowers at intervals along the arching branches. Each bloom has six petals and once pollinated, will produce numerous fruit that begin red, then quickly age to shiny black in colour from early to mid-summer.  

How to Control blackberry

Control of this voracious species can be done in a few ways;

  • Cut stems to ground level and mulch
  • Immediately apply a registered herbicide to the cut stems so the plant can quickly absorb this and transfer to the root system where it will die. Apply Searles Tree & Blackberry Killer.
  • (Organic control) Physical removal of all parts above and below ground level of plants during dormant winter period.