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Beneficial Insect - Lacewing


August 2, 2022


Searles Gardening Team

Discover the fascinating world of nocturnal insects with excellent night vision. Learn about their hunting habits and resting places in this article.



These nocturnal insects search for unsuspecting prey such as small grubs, aphids and mealybugs (amongst others) during the night. This is most distinguished by their large eyes which allow them excellent night vision. During the early morning and throughout the day they can be encountered resting underneath densely foliaged plants such as hibiscus, plectranthus or coleus. Although they have large wings, they are weak flyers and can only manage to fly a few metres before requiring rest. They in turn are easily predated by small birds and reptiles if they move around too often during the day. Their young larvae however are wonderful daytime predators feasting on most small insects that plague roses and vegetables. They have the amazing ability to disguise themselves with plant debris which they attach on their backs on small spines.  During the summer, the adults are highly attracted to the lights in our homes.

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