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July 14, 2022


Searles Admin

Searles has an established and modern On-Site Laboratory, which is used for conducting a wide range of product analysis, tests, trials, research and data collation.

Ashley Searle - the Technical Manager, leads the technical department and the highly skilled team of University qualified research staff:

Johannes Biala -Bachelor Science (Honors) in Agricultural Science and Masters of Science in Environmental Protection

We are continually monitoring, testing, conducting trials and comparing our products to maintain their high performance and quality. We maintain a constant programme of Research & Development for the development of new products, technology and advancements specialising in growing media and plant care. We continually enhance our products' performance with these new technologies and processes.

One of the most important processes in the development of high quality products is the composting and blending process. Searles® have developed our composting and blending process into a science as well as an art. All composting and blending techniques are rigorously monitored, tested and carefully observed throughout the entire process to maintain and develop a premium quality product.

The finished product has many added benefits and qualities, which when combined, are enormous!

With our composting and blending expertise, we are able to produce products, which contain specific amounts of composts, humus, humic colloids and microbial life that can enhance the product beyond comparison. Not only do they contain nutrients, trace elements and minerals for immediate plant growth; they also contain a "storehouse" of reserve nutrients for continued plant growth.

Our special composts contain humus and humic colloids that provide sites for nutrient storage. This benefits the plant in more than one way. These nutrients are available for immediate use by the plant and they can also be stored for later use as the plant requires more. This enhances the performance of applied fertilisers and nutrients by providing sites for unused nutrients to be stored for later use. It also reduces loss of nutrients, which would normally be due to leaching.

The end result is improved plant growth, improved plant health and a robust, flourishing garden!

The combined benefits of our composts are enormous. The overall performance of our products are superbly enhanced with the addition of specialised additives such as:

Searles Penetraide® Re-Wetting Granules
Robust® Controlled Release Fertiliser
Searles Flourish® Soluble Plant Foods
Water Crystals & Peat Mosses
Zeolite, Trace Elements & Minerals

Once you use a Searles product, the results stand out for themselves.

Searles are always developing and improving our products so as to result with only the best!

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