10 best instant spring flowering plants

10 best instant spring flowering plants for the garden



Spring is the time of year where plants burst into full bloom. With so many new choices on offer how do you choose the best spring colour flowers to plant? Here are the best flowers to plant for spring flower in the garden. 

1. Bidens 'Rockstar' Bidens ferulifolia

The bright yellow flowers are borne in profusion all through the season. In warmer areas they flower right through the year. Their flowers are larger and longer flowering than other varieties available. They grow best in full sun. The bright golden splashes of colour contrast against other smaller shrubs and flower borders. Plant in pots for patio colour and garden pot combinations. Size: 25cm high x 20-30cm wide.

Instant Spring Flower colour in the garden Bidens Instant Spring Flower colour in the garden Azalea

2. Azaleas

Gardens look magnificent as they come alive for spring. One particularly dazzling spring performer is the azalea. There are many types of azaleas suited to a range of lighting conditions from full sun positions to shaded areas. This gives an excellent range of azaleas to choose from to suit almost any area of your garden. Enquire at your local garden centre for the best varieties to suit and also see what’s new in Azaleas. Azalea Alphonse Anderson is a classic bloom performer.

More info - How to grow Azalea, Petal Blight on Azaleas

3. Calibrachoa

Calibrachoa have small petunia like flowers, which sit on top of lushes green cascading foliage. Calibrachoa are ideal for planting in hanging baskets, pots on patios and mass planting in the garden bed. They love full sunny positions and flower time and time again if liquid fed with Searles Liquid Flourish Blooms & Foliage Plant Food. Look out for Calibrachoa 'Holy Moly' new in store.

Instant Spring Flower colour in the garden Calibrachoa Instant Spring Flower colour in the garden lavender

4. Lavender
Lavender is a personal favourite of Australian gardeners. There is a suitable variety of lavender which grows well in any climate and garden style making them one of the most versatile flowering plants in the kingdom. They flower prolifically and modern varieties are more resistant to pests and diseases. Don’t forget their scent is heavenly as you walk past. 

More info - How to grow lavender

5. Callistemon & Grevilleas
Now for those of you who love to attract more wildlife to the garden, try callistemon and grevilleas. Callistemon and grevilleas are Australian natives, prolific flowering and have big bright colours which attract native birds from everywhere. Look for Grevillea 'Little Robyn' and Callistemon 'Betka Beauty' available in good garden centres now. 

More info - How to grow Grevilleas

Instant Spring Flower colour in the garden Callistemon Betka Beauty Instant Spring Flower colour in the garden Grevillea Little Robyn

6. Bambino Bougainvilleas

Another personal favourite of ours, Bambino Boungainvilleas.  Ours are flowering most of the year and when everything in the garden has finished flowering Bambino Bougainvilleas are still shining the torch. They enjoy dry climates, flowering better with less water, though they do need water from time to time. Bambino Bougainvilleas grow more compactly and are better suited to smaller gardens.

Instant Spring Flower colour in the garden Bambino Bougainvilleas Instant Spring Flower colour in the garden Osteospermum Spring Day

7. Osteospermum & Daisies

For instant colour in spring it is pretty hard to go past osteospermum and everlasting daisies. They are compact, provide instant colour and can make quick gap fillers and dazzle as patio potted colour. Make sure they are planted in full sun for better flowering and water regularly. Look out for the new release Osteospermum 'Spring Day'. 


8. Mandevilleas

Mandevilla (sometimes called Dipladenia) is a lush, tropical climber that flowers flamboyantly all year round in warmer climates. Hardy and versatile, it flowers in shades of deep burgundy and scarlet, through all shades of pink and white. It is great in large pots where it can bring an instant lush, tropical look to poolsides and outdoor entertaining areas. Give it a sunny position for best flowering, a rich, well drained soil and plenty of moisture during the growing season.

Instant Spring Flower colour in the garden Mandevilla Instant Spring Flower colour in the garden Jasmine

9. White or pink Jasmine  (Jasminum Polyanthum)

Jasmine is an evergreen vine with perfumed star-like white flowers appearing in spring and summer. Ideal to soften screening walls, acting as a heat barrier, ground cover and pot specimen. They are versatile and easy to grow. Their sweet perfume hits you when you walk by.


10. Impatiens

Impatiens’ dainty bright flowers bloom their best most of the year in garden beds and cottage gardens. Impatiens grow well planted in most soil types, making them easy to maintain to preserve their beauty. They look stunning planted en masse when you are out to impress.   

Instant Spring Flower colour in the garden Impatiens Instant Spring Flower colour in the garden Impatiens

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